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The History of Pandora Beads

Pandora jewelry and beads originate in Scandinavia and was launched back in 2002. Already 2003 Pandora Jewelry reached the United States and people loved it. The designers at Pandora Company are located in Copenhagen, Denmark where they create original designs of sterling silver and 14 karat gold.

Each Pandora bracelet is customizable by a selection of beads, making each bracelet different and unique. There are more than 600 charms to choose from and matching jewelry. The Pandora beads are based on stories from the Greek mythology. Each one is unique and hand-crafted and when they are put together they can really make a spectacular piece of jewelry.

Watch the History of Pandora's Box

In the Greek mythology, Zeus wanted revenge on the god Prometheus. He then proceeded to steal the fire from the gods and gave it to humanity. Zeus then ordered Hephaestus to create Pandora, the first woman. He forced all the other gods to spoil her to entice the humans. Then Athena gave Pandora clothes. Aphrodite (the goddess of love) gave her beauty and Charites (goddess of charm) gave her a necklace that was created by Hephaestus.

After that Zeus gave her the famous box that was named Pandora’s Box. He sent her to earth with the words that she was not allowed to open the box. Since Pandora was given curiosity she couldn’t keep her promise and she opened the box. The evil was released from the box and all that was left in the box was hope.

This hope is used by Pandora Company to give the wearer of Pandora beads hope and future. Each bracelet is a unique door into the wearer’s history and fantasy.